Splash Zone Regulations

  1. By purchasing the entrance ticket to the aquatic area now called "Splash Zone", which gives access to the wet Playgroud with slides now called "Acquaria", the Visitor accepts the following regulations and authorizes Luneur Park S.p.a. to the processing of data pursuant to the DLGS. 101/2018, relieving the Company from any type of liability.
  2. Access to the Splash Zone for children up to 150 cm in height is permitted only if accompanied by an adult who will be considered completely responsible for the minors and their behavior. The operators and lifeguards at Luneur Park are not to be considered a substitute for the constant supervision of minors.
  3. Access to the Splash Zone for disabled people (L.104/92) is permitted only in the presence of an able-bodied adult companion in a ratio of 1/1.
  4. Luneur Park reserves the right to select Visitors for access to the Splash Zone, in the event that there is a legitimate reason preventing their entry. Luneur Park also reserves the right to deny access and/or remove from the Park (without any type of refund) anyone who causes damage and/or annoyance to other Visitors or the Staff; anyone who is not in possession of a valid access ticket or does not comply with the regulations, without prejudice to the right to report to the relevant authorities and the intervention of Public Security.
  5. Inside the Splash Zone each Visitor must respect the limits of decency so as not to annoy others. Luneur Park reserves the right to deny entry to anyone wearing inappropriate costumes. The costumes to be worn for access to the Splash Zone must be suitable for public hygiene provisions and not harmful to the morals of others. It is not permitted to wear clothing made of materials other than microfiber and polyester as a substitute for the costume. It is forbidden to circulate or park in the Splash Zone and in all other areas of the park without a swimsuit or with only underwear.
  6. For all those who need to use diapers, access to the water is permitted only if they are equipped with waterproof diapers specific for water.
  7. The Surveillance Staff is obliged to deny entry into the water and use of the Aquaria to Visitors who present wounds, abrasions, lesions or skin alterations of a suspected infected nature (e.g. warts, dermatitis, mycosis, etc.). The Visitor will be able to access the Splash Zone only by providing a medical certificate certifying the compatibility between the injuries presented and the use of public bathing areas.
  8. It is mandatory to wear clogs or slippers made of synthetic material throughout the Splash Zone.
  9. Before entering the water the Visitor is obliged to use the shower and pass through the hygiene barrier (foot washing dispensers).
  10. It is forbidden to spit in the water or pour liquids of any kind into it; urinate, throw rubbish and pollute the Splash Zone space; it is also forbidden to immerse yourself in water if one or more parts of the body are covered with oils, creams and similar substances of any kind.
  11. It is not permitted to introduce food and drinks into the Splash Zone other than those purchased at the Park's refreshment points. It is not permitted to introduce materials such as glass and tin, have picnics and in general introduce supplies and related furnishings.
  12. It is strictly forbidden to run around the edge of the pool, play dangerous games or dive. It is also forbidden to climb on the masonry structures, on the rocks and on the Acquaria structure as well as climbing over the railings.
  13. It is not permitted to move the equipment made available by Luneur Park (deckchairs, umbrellas, chairs, etc.) within the Splash Zone at will.
  14. Umbrellas and deckchairs inside the Splash Zone are not available free of charge to visitors. To reserve them it is necessary to purchase one or more beach sets on the website www.luneurpark.it or at the Park ticket offices. Each beach set includes an umbrella and three deckchairs. It is not possible to occupy deckchairs and umbrellas if you do not have the relevant tax receipt. Each user will be able to purchase a maximum of 2 sets. It is possible to book your beach set no later than 9:00 am on the day of the visit. The beach sets are always paid, without exceptions of any kind.
  15. Luneur Park declines all responsibility for accidents and/or damage to people and/or things caused by imprudence or failure to comply with the "safety regulations" of the Park and the provisions of the Service Personnel as well as injuries caused by the use of the facilities.
  16. Luneur Park is not responsible for anything left unattended.
  17. Outside the Splash Zone, it is not permitted to access the Rides and Games wearing just a swimsuit and/or wet clothing.
  18. The Service Personnel is authorized to intervene at any time to demand compliance with this regulation. It is mandatory to scrupulously observe the instructions of the Lifeguards and follow the instructions on the signs displayed inside the Splash Zone.
  19. It is mandatory to observe and respect the regulations displayed at each departure of the Acquaria slides, in order to ensure their correct use. In the event of incorrect or dangerous behavior for oneself and/or for other Visitors, Luneur Park reserves the right to limit the use of the Splash Zone and Acquaria at any time.
  20. Access to the Splash Zone may be interrupted in advance of closing time, in order to allow the waiting queues to flow completely and gradually.
  21. In the event of weather conditions deemed dangerous (for example in the presence of rain, thunder, lightning, lightning, wind, etc.) Luneur Park reserves the right to close the Splash Zone and/or Aquaria early and/or for a prolonged period without obligation to refund the entrance fee to the area.
  22. On windy days the umbrellas must be closed to safeguard the safety of visitors.
  23. The access ban for animals, already provided for in the Park Regulations, is also extended to the Splash Zone.
  24. Smoking of real and electronic cigarettes, pipes and cigars is prohibited in the Splash Zone.
  25. In the Splash Zone as in the entire perimeter of the Park, video surveillance systems are active for the sole purpose of monitoring the safety and protection of Visitors; the images will be viewed exclusively by park security personnel, judicial authorities or state police.
  26. In the event that it becomes necessary to evacuate the Splash Zone, it is mandatory to refer to the procedures indicated by the Personnel in Charge.
  27. Pursuant to the DLGS. 101/2018, anyone who purchases an entry ticket for the Splash Zone agrees to transfer to Luneur Park S.p.a., free of charge, the right to use their image for advertising purposes inside and outside the company, indemnifying Luneur Park S.p.a. from any type of responsibility.
  28. For anything not expressly indicated in this regulation, please refer to the instructions of the Personnel in Charge.