Eat with us!

La cucina di Nina – Pizzeria dal Gufetto

Right opposite the cute little Jumbo elephant, you can enjoy 100% Italian meat burgers, delicious fried food, pizza by the slice and much more. Save with the menus or order freely according to your tastes and desires.

Gnam Gnam Station

As you walk along the park's main avenue, treat yourself to the mouth-watering delights on offer at the Gnam-Gnam Sweet&Dessert Station: doughnuts, croissants, bomb pastries, doughnuts ... Fancy a tasty lunch? Immediately after the Saggio Gufo (Wise Owl), next to the relax area, you will find the Gnam-Gnam Pasta&Grill Station where you can buy pasta dishes, hamburgers, "arrosticini", "straccetti" and lots more. Near the "Brucomela" stop to enjoy a refreshing aperitif at the Gnam-Gnam Station Snack&Drink: alcoholic or non-alcoholic Cocktail and delightfully irresistible appetizers!

Casa Sammontana

Gelato with a smile inside has come to Luneur Park!

The pleasure of a mouth-watering moment is combined with fun, for an explosion of magic! Coffee shop, croissants, doughnuts, savoury snacks, gluten-free starters, cold and hot drinks.

Come and sample the original Italian-style ice cream: many tasty, quality options await you for a pleasant, relaxing break.


Just past the entrance to the park, with tables overlooking the waters of the Splash Zone, you'll find plenty of delicacies created to satisfy your appetite at any time of day, from breakfast to lunch, from snacks to aperitifs: homemade cakes, coffee, cold deli, cold and hot drinks.


In the Piazza delle Civette, created in collaboration with Giselda, the well-known bakery in Trastevere, this small colourful place offers you 1000 and more sweets for your snack...            


The ideal solution for a quick and inexpensive meal.